Share your account to your friend without giving any details

Account is very important in our Digital life. In this account including your personal information or any other necessary files. If you lose this type of data you can lost your time, money, and many more. All accounts are protected by a password. These passwords keep safe your Account. But if anyone knows your password he can access your personal information. Also giving these account passwords/usernames your personal information may be hack. You can give him your account if you change your password after completing his task. But If your neighbor/friend wants to use your account for a few days you will be waiting for changing passwords. But sometime you can't change your password (for any reason).



            For doing this you need a chrome extension named 'ShareAccount'. Also, you can download using the below links. The extension helps you to share your account season for few hours (least 1 hour).

How to share your account without giving your personal details?

  1. Download the extension in your and your friend/neighbor's computer.
  2. Log in your account (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  3. Launch the extension by clicking on the lock icon
  4. Click on the 'Share Account' button
  5. Goto your friend/neighbor's computer, launch the extension, and click on Receive Account.
  6. Type the friend/neighbor's computer code into your computer 'Recipient code' box
  7. Choose how many times your friend/neighbor will use your account. (In hours)
  8. Click on the share button.
  9. There you will find  'Share Result' sent it on your neighbor/friend's computer.
  10. Paste the 'Share result' text into your neighbor/friend's 'Share Result' text.
  11. If your neighbor/friend see your account name below 'Share Result' box then all is OK
  12. Click on the 'RECEIVE' button.
  13. After a few seconds, you see your account in your neighbor/friend's PC. Now he/she can access your account for a few hours.


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It only available for Google Chrome

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