Upgrade your Windows 7 to Business PC

Windows 7 Business is the best choice for a business computer. It has many features. It run on those PC which PC supports Windows 7. If you want to upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 7 Business PC, The tutorial is very helpful for you.

windows7 boot

If you want to upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 7 Business Follow these steps:

  • Download Windows 7 business package from the given link
  • Extract the archive to your desktop
  • Create a folder on C:\ drive named 'Win7'
  • Copy 'Business' folder to 'Win7' folder
  • Open folder "C:\Win7\Business" and Run 'Upgrade to Business.cmd'
  • Then do steps which followed on it

(Disable your antivirus while you are using this program)

Recommended Tools

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Download Search Everything
      Search Everything helps you to find documents file faster than search index. It indexes all files on the computer after installing a search index service.

Download clipx
   Clipx helps you to save your all copied data to the clipboard. It can restore all copied items to the clipboard until the hard disk is destroyed or the user deletes the clipboard items.

Download Antivirus
  Antivirus keeps your PC files secure from the Ransom attack or Keylogger. So download Quick Heal Antivirus & update the definition to keep safe your files. If you can't buy Quick Heal you can reset it here.

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