What is ISO file and How to modify it?

Before creating an ISO file you must know that what is an ISO file,
          An ISO file is similar to a zip, rar file. It is used for burn DVD, BlueRay Disk, CD. Also, it can be used for making bootable Pendrive. The ISO file contains some system software's(Like that Operating System), utility software(Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Quick Heal), etc. ISO file is mostly used for OS. Some software like PowerISO, UltraISO, WinRAR, 7-ZIP can open this type of file. But you can't modify the ISO file using WinRAR, 7-ZIP. Only PowerISO & UltraISO can modify an ISO file.


Making an ISO file using PowerISO


       PowerISO can edit ISO file. It is fast, safe, and using it you can save *.daa(Direct-Access-Archive) *.bin extension file. Using this you can burn an ISO file to DVD. PowerISO supports Audio CD, Data CD, Data DVD, Video DVD or VCD, and BlueRay Disk. But PowerISO unregistered version can save a maximum 300 MB ISO file. There is no limitation for .daa & .bin file.

System requirement:
Intel Pentium 166MHz or above. 
64MB memory. 
At least 10MB hard disk space. 

Make an ISO file using UltraISO


       Also, UltraISO can Save ISO file. It can make ISO file from your CD, DVD, or Hard Drive. You can extract files and folders from an ISO file. Converting up to 30 CD/DVD image formats (such as NRG, MDS, CCD, etc) to ISO, NRG, MDS, and CCD format. Using this you can make bootable CD/DVDs and bootable flash drives.

PowerISO Vs UltraISO


For creating a CD image PowerISO score 39 where UltraISO scored 61
DVD image creator PowerISO score 38 where UltraISO scored 62
For the DVD image editor, PowerISO score 39 where UltraISO scored 61
and Project management UltraISO score 31 where PowerISO scored 69

So making CD image, DVD image, DVD image editing tasks can make UltraISO better than PowerISO.

So I recommended you to use UltraISO.
You can download UltraISO Premium from my download link.

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