Command Prompt - Basic Commands


a) cls
       CLS refers to "Clear the screen" which means the command will help you to clear your command prompt screen. It will erase all history of commands which you used before using this command.

       Syntax: cls

b) exit
    The command helps you to close you're Command Prompt Screen without touching the mouse.

       Syntax: exit

c) type
    Type command helps you to view the contains of a file. Means it works like Notepad, you need to provide a file after using this command.

       Syntax : type "file location\file name"

d) time
    It will show you the current computer time into this command window. Also, you can change your computer time using this command.

       Syntax: time

Tip: Use Alt + Enter key for run command window into full-screen mode.

e) date
       It is similar to time command, time command shows you current Computer time and date command shows you current date of you're system.

       Syntax: date

f) title
       The command helps you to change the current window's title (It only changes CMD title, not any other window title).

       Syntax: title Your name here

g) echo
       It only shows you you're message into the console window. Mostly the command use into batch file.

       Syntax: echo Your name here

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