Shortcut Virus : Remove from PC and stop reinfecting

What is Shortcut Virus?

A shortcut virus is a kind of Trojan/worm combination that hides all of your files and folders, then replaces them all with shortcuts that look exactly the same.

When you launch one of these false shortcuts, you end up running malware that duplicates the virus and further infects your system, leading to stolen personal data, worsened system performance, and all kinds of other malware-related side effects.

Shortcut viruses mainly affect physical file transfer devices like USB flash drives, external hard drives, and SD memory cards, but can be transferred to computers when exposed to an infected device that takes advantage of Autorun or Autoplay in Windows.

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How to Remove Shortcut Virus?

You can remove shortcut virus permanently using this tool :

Before you begin, you must launch your PC in safe mode

After using Shortcut Virus Remover use Avast Antivirus to clean the infected .exe file

Launch Avast Antivirus then run full scan(It may take few hours to complete, depends on your system).

Download Latest Avast Antivirus here

After Scan complete check Virus Chest.

At first repair these files. Then you manually check which files are corrupt. Delete these corrupt files. These files are can't be recovered because Shortcut Virus has infected these files. If you launch these files. Your PC may begin to infected Shortcut Virus. So I recommend you to delete these files. The Shortcut Virus only attack on Application Software. The virus can't attack in archive file and System files. 

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