Windows 7 x86 Full updated (2020 Edition)

Windows 7 is a personal operating system that is the too famous overall world. Now Windows 7 goes end of support. This means if you're using Windows 7 then you will not get Windows Update anymore (Like Windows XP). Also, Windows 7 is too good for gaming than Windows 10. If you're finding Windows 7 Full version which includes all updated since 2020 then this post will help you.


     A few months ago I uploaded about Windows 7 Untouched ISO, and now I Upload about Windows 7 Full 2020 Edition. Then what the difference between Windows 7 Untouched and Windows 7 2020 Edition?? The answer is Previous ISO Untouched ISO. means It is not modified, and now it is Full updated means you no need to spend a lot of Time and Power on Updating Windows. All Recommended Updates are already Integrated. Windows after installing windows. Some programs fail to run on Windows for missing updates, or not for the latest version. But the ISO file includes all necessary updates from 2009-2020. And also some extra features are added to it (which is not recommended by Microsoft). For this feature, some programs can be stopped installing or fail to run. If you find something error on it, free feel to contact us for a better solution. Or you can request other features on it.


Pre-Installed Software's & Updates


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Service Pack 2 (It will not show on your Windows Version)
Panda USB Vaccine


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Additional features

UAC settings are locked
Internet security improved (May take the browser to load slowly)
Some hidden features are added. (That can help your antivirus)


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