Command Prompt - External Commands

What is External Command?

External Commands are those commands which are not integrated into the operating system. Those commands are more powerful than any internal commands. You need to download these commands from the internet to use it. Those commands have come in .com or .exe format. Basically ‘CD’ command is used for running external commands.

TIP: Different operating system has different external commands, so if you use any external command into a batch file which doesn’t exist into the operating system, then the batch file will stop working.

How to run an external command into cmd.exe?

Before running any External Command, make sure that all required files of the external commands are downloaded properly.
  1. Create a folder on your desktop named ‘Command’.(Also you can create the folder in any other location.
  2. If your command comes into an archive file then extract the archive file into the ‘Command’ folder (Make sure that if you open the command folder then you will able to find .exe files). If it comes into a .exe or .com file then only copy the file into the ‘Command’ folder.
  3. Run Command Prompt and type cd “C:\Users\[Current Username]\Desktop\Command” (If you created the folder into another location then you can change the location)
  4. Type dir *.exe and then dir *.com to view all commands on the folder.
  5. Type the file name which you have seen into the list when you have entered dir *.exe or dir *.com commands.
  6. After typing the file name add /? (It will show you the help of the external command, most of the commands are supported /? Command, sometimes you need to type -h instead of /?)

Using cd Command to insert into Command Directory

External Commands into Command directory/folder

This is an Example of External command (Inputbox command by f2ko)


Below some external commands, examples are shown, and required files are attached for download.

               This command will help you to download files from the internet using cmd.
                            Syntax: download.exe URL of file>filename.extension
                             It will give you an alert when the download fails.

Download file from internet using cmd.exe or command prompt

               It will show you an Inputbox where If you input anything then the text will be visible in the output console window.
                          Syntax: inputbox Title Message Text

Shows what you have typed into The Inputbox

                            It temporarily modifies the window to looks like a tool window (It hides minimize and maximize buttons, and it makes a small close button)
                                     Syntax: maketoolwindow Windowtitle

Make a window which will looks like a tool window

                        Pin window to top. It will cover all windows.
                                      Syntax: windowontop Windowtitle

Download Links:

All the below commands are created by F2KO. For more commands click here.

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